External Shower Shattaf Travel Head Connected To The Sink

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Mini Shower Set is an external shower headset that can be attached to a bathroom basin or any other basin. It is perfect for hair washing, pet bathing, buckets filling, elderly care, a newborn baby rinsing, and others more to work effectively. With a long telescopic shower hose, flexible to use. this elegant shower stand can be adjusted from different angles. The retractable shower hose allows you to adjust the length, flexible and will not bend, can be fixed with ordinary and mesh washers


  • It is easy to clean with one hand, saving time and energy, more hygienic and convenient
  • Each mode provides a special shower experience. Besides, it also has a shutdown function. It is suitable for adults, the disabled, the elderly, the injured, babies and pets
  • Easy to Use The shower nozzle has 3 modes: rain, massage and jet. Each mode provides a special shower experience. And it is easy to clean and there is no problem with the sprayer
  • Easy Installation The portable includes a nozzle and a water pipe, which does not require drilling and is easy to install. You can easily do DIY installation without wasting much time
  • The polyurethane spring telescopic tube can be adjusted to the most comfortable position according to your different needs. Humanized design, lighter and lighter, brings a comfortable experience to your life. It is suitable for almost any faucet, bidet or shower head
  • You can easily wash your hair in the sink without wetting the bathroom, especially in winter, which is very convenient. Since the shower head has three modes, it can also be used to clean the sink and the bathroom. You can directly bathe the cat with this shower nozzle


  • Weight: 272 g
  • Material: ABS + Steel
  • Color: Transparent with Silver