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Back Stretcher, Lumbar Back Pain Relief

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This back massager was made of very tough ABS plastic, equip with different settings to completely stretch and relieve lower back pain. Just use for 5 minutes, twice a day for optimal results. It is designed to stretching your back easily, safely, affordable, and enjoyable. It is used to help relieve chronic back pain, correct postural imbalance, restore the natural curvature of the back, and improve the flexibility of shoulder and back muscles. Adjustable, there are 3 different levels, just choose the one that fits you the most, put it on the floor, bed, or even put it on a chair.


Multi-level adjustment arch for greater reach.

Equipped with 88 massage protrusions, corresponds to your body acupuncture points, massages your lumbar spine while stretching.

You can use it while sitting, help you to correct your sitting posture, and massage your lumbar spine.

Helps relieve chronic back pain, correct postural imbalance, restore the natural curvature of the back.

Improves flexibility in shoulder and back muscles.

Made of fine quality ABS plastic, environmentally friendly, tough and unbreakable, pressure-resistant, compact, and portable design can nicely put into the luggage.

With a soft rubber mat in the middle, cushion impact force, give your waist better protection.

Three different levels can be adjusted, provides you better treatment.

Ease back pain, improve posture, increase range of motion, and flexibility.

Simple and user-friendly, adjustable and portable, you can use anywhere you want.

This machine was small, lightweight, equipped with a multi-level back stretching device, which can help you to relax and instantly relieve back pain due to tight muscles, excessive flexion, and poor spinal alignment.

You can just lie down and relax for five minutes twice a day.

This back magic machine is recommended and used by physicians, chiropractors, and professional athletes.

The back massager is designed to stretching your back, easily, safely, affordable, and enjoyable.

Preventive care device for your spine, easy to use at home treatment for spine problems.

An intimate gift for family and friends.